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Our Staff

William Fuller

Owner, Director of Operations


…were Russia,China, Greece and Italy. I have a special interest in observing and understanding how different people experience the human condition. This inquisitive mindset has carried over quite well to the many and varied challenges of life. A healthy skepticism has been cultivated throughout my life which often leads me to strive for change. I am both humbled and challenged to look for new and better ways to do things.

Over the years, I’ve had a wide variety of work experiences, all of which have provided me with knowledge and skills to better serve the guests and clients of SCMR. I’ve worked as a farm hand, martial arts instructor, manager at a laser tag facility, and many years as a licensed real estate broker. I attended the University of Houston from 1994 to 1999 majoring in psychology and philosophy. I got my Texas Real Estate License in 2001 and my Texas Real Estate Broker’s License in 2006. In 2009, I became a Colorado Real Estate Broker.

I maintain a lifelong personal interest in studying philosophy and psychology. I most admire the philosophers of the past who emphasized a general or global understanding of the world. These people include Aristotle, Augustine, Aquinas, Da Vinci and Galileo. Ultimately, I believe that all philosophy is an attempt to identify and understand the difference between the “real” and the “shadows”. The “real” that I have found is the person of Jesus as fully revealed through the Catholic Church. I aspire (though I often fall short) to live a consistent and moral life based on the Traditions handed down for the past two thousand years. For me, this means expecting very high standards for myself and others but understanding when the “high bar” is often missed.

In the property management business, I have the unique opportunity to work with clients from all around the world and every walk of life. It is as if I have found a way to bring the diversity of the cultures I experienced earlier in life to my business life. A life of service to others is a high goal of mine, and I consider it a blessing to be able to serve and at the same time experience the diversity I find so interesting.

My overriding business goal is to create a personal, productive and fruitful relationship with property owners in Keystone and to provide guests with the very best experience possible.

fuller-5Karen Fuller

Owner, Director of Operations


…to spend time with my family. Children grow up so fast, and after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012, I have a newfound appreciation for God, family and friends, all of whom helped me through that very difficult time.

I hold a Masters Degree in Communication Disorders from the University of Houston, and I have served as a speech pathologist in various settings over the years. All of my previous work, and my entrepreneurial spirit, have served me well in the creation of SCMR. I am so proud of the thriving business we have built together. I sincerely believe that we are an asset to the Keystone community, and I hope prospective clients and guests give us the opportunity to prove just that.

When we started SCMR, we had a small staff working from our home office, and now we have grown to a core staff of 10-12 employees and numerous seasonal employees that work out of our office in Keystone. Our staff is like our second family to us, and we’re very appreciative of all their hard work.

img_1915Dawn Bossert

General Manager


…Business and Accounting, and I have used this education throughout my life. I spent many years as a restaurant proprietor in Summit County. I was also the on-staff accountant and administrative manager at a large ski shop for 10 years. After these experiences, I began my own bookkeeping company.

In 2008, I crossed paths with the owners of Summit County Mountain Retreats (SCMR), William and Karen. I provided bookkeeping services for their fledgling company and from time to time would help out in other areas of their business as well. As the years progressed, SCMR grew, and my involvement did, too.

In 2011, I took on some small managerial duties at SCMR and found that I really enjoyed the excitement of the unknown that comes with this business. In 2012, I was presented with an opportunity to take on a full-time role at SCMR. I accepted the position, and today SCMR is like my second family.

There really is never a dull moment at SCMR. I coordinate and delegate projects, and oversee the maintenance, housekeeping and office staff. I also look forward to resolving issues concerning clients and guests.My goal is to provide everyone with a positive experience. As the commander on the ground, I pretty much have my hands in everything.

I am dedicated to what I do and will stick around to make sure a job is done right. I have had to work for everything I have, and this has taught me to be independent and resourceful as well as created within me a strong work ethic. I do not ask anyone to do something that I would not do myself.

When I am not working, I like to snuggle with my 110-pound lapdog Buddy and Snickers, my kitty. Camping, four wheeling, and the outdoors in general are also activities I enjoy. Oh, and you will probably catch me at the Dillon Bowling Alley about once a week knocking down pins.

I have two children, Lauren and Brian. They are both adults now, and I am grateful to see them live out their lives knowing I did my best to help them be successful.

img_1505Matt Kuchar

Office Manager


…with a job in mind, a car to drive, and a little bit of money to find a new life in this beautiful state that I now call home. My background for as long as I can remember has been in customer service, and I really enjoy interacting and learning everyday from people. The property management business is something that is new to me, but like everything else in my life, I find a way to utilize my talents in a way that are beneficial both to the company and to myself.

When I’m not helping guests at Summit County Mountain Retreats I enjoy playing sports. I have played sports my entire life, from a little boy to this very day. Although the sports that I enjoy have changed depending on the year and season, my attitude toward them is the same: I want to be the best that I can possibly be in every aspect. This translates directly to my working life, benefitting both guests and my employer alike.

I have started a life here in Summit County, and for as long as I can see into the future, it will be where I reside. May The Force Be With You.

img_1902Kate Mundew

Vacation Planner


…for snowboarding and cold weather came into being.

Later, while attending Ohio University (GO BOBCATS!), I went on a ski trip to Winter Park and fell in love with the mountains and Colorado. In November 2011, I hopped on a plane with one oversized suitcase and my guitar and claimed Summit County as my own. After working a few odd jobs, I ended up at Summit County Mountain Retreats in 2012 and have pretty much been here ever since.

In my spare time, you can find me exploring Keystone and the Basin via my snowboard, playing guitar, hosting karaoke at Dos Locos, kayaking, hammocking, camping, going to concerts at Red Rocks, frolicking, ghost hunting, petting dogs, and sleeping. I love sleeping.

img_1485Alisha Sotello

Vacation Planner


…coming soon

img_1897Cristen Rask

Vacation Planner


…coming soon

img_1470Julia Giovannucci

Vacation Planner


…coming soon

dsc_0009Rachel McCarson

Marketing Manager


…our clients and guests.


My husband and I were married in 2005, and we currently live outside of Houston with our two dogs we adore, Luke and Leia. My husband works as a freelance writer, and most of what can be seen online is about boxing. His work is on Bleacher Report, The Sweet Science and Boxing Channel as well as other outlets. This work has allowed us to pursue our interests while still being able to spend time together as we cover boxing events across Texas where I serve as his photographer and videographer.

I graduated from The University of Texas at Austin in 2001 with a BBA in Business Management and found myself in an economy that was experiencing a recession. Throughout the years I worked as a server, retail manager and finally a teacher. For six years I taught kindergarten in the public school system and I cherish that time. 2011 brought changes that ended my chapter in the public school system, but opened up my life to new opportunities.

When we moved near Houston in 2006, we started attending First Baptist Church in Richmond. This is where we began what would become a close friendship with William and Karen, the owners of SCMR. Since that time, both of our families became Catholic, albeit via different paths. Our families are very close, and we know each other very well. So when SCMR had a need for a marketing person, and I was looking for work after taking a break from the workforce for a few years, William and Karen thought of me. Unlike when you hire someone you’ve never met through the traditional interview process, William and Karen already had a good idea of what I would bring to the table: a great work ethic, attention to detail, a strong desire to do well, and the ability to pick up new things quickly. I’m so thankful they took a chance on me, and am very happy to work for a company that prides itself on being honest, fair and straightforward.

Everyday, I look forward to serving the clients and guests of SCMR, and hope to glorify God in the process.

Staff Behind the Scenes


Our maintenance staff is a very important part of operations. Not only do they attend to issues during the day like appliance repair, heating malfunctions and audio-visual failures, but they’re also on-call overnight serving any guests with emergency issues. Guests and Homeowners alike benefit from the hard work of our maintenance staff, and we’re very appreciative of our team.


We would like to especially express our appreciation for our housekeeping staff. We employ a full-time, in-house staff that includes eight to ten housekeepers, and during the high season this number can grow to as many as twenty. All housekeeping staff are paid a living wage and are eligible for benefits. These people get the hard work done so that guests and clients can truly relax and enjoy their accommodations.


Although managing various aspects of the vacation rental business in-house can be stressful, the benefits of maintaining quality standards is priceless. Over the years we’ve learned that the best way to provide guests and clients with consistent quality is to directly operate and manage the areas that some of our competitors contract out. In the Fall of 2015 we were able to move laundry in-house, allowing us full control over the quality and cleanliness of linens. Being able to confidently provide guests and clients with quality linens is something we’re very proud of, and we hope to continue being a leader in this field.


One of the most important parts of any business is the accounting. We understand how important it is to compensate our employees fairly while giving Uncle Sam his cut as well. Our staff accountant, Kim Cordova-Figallo, works hard behind the scenes to keep our books in order and our employees paid on time and correctly. None of us want to deal with the IRS, so we’re very appreciative of Kim.


One could say that a property management company is only as good as its photos. Photos of each property is an absolute necessity when advertising rental availability. Guests need to be able to see what they’re renting so they can make informed decisions regarding how they spend their hard-earned money on vacations. We’re very appreciative of our office staff that handles photography needs quickly so we can get a new property up and running, or replace photos when a homeowner renovates their property. We would also like to extend a thank you to Kiersten Underhill who photographed nearly all of our properties one summer, and then provided us with the edited photos.

And, finally, we would like to extend our gratitude to Omer Davidian Photography. Omer provides us with high-quality, professional photos on an as-needed basis. Our relationship began in the summer of 2015, and from the start he was an absolute pleasure to work with. He understands the nature of the vacation rental business and his flexibility is definitely one of his many strong points.

Web Design

In the 21st century a functional, user-friendly website is an absolute necessity. Working closely with GuestStream, a digital marketing company focused on vacation rentals, we are able to keep our website up-to-date, while at the same time maintaining a seamless connection with our vacation rental software on the backend.