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Now Hiring!

Now Hiring WHAT DO WE DO? Basically we do all the hard work of maintaining and cleaning properties between guest stays for Keystone homeowners, allowing thousands to enjoy the grandeur that is our mountain resort. WHO DO WE SERVE? Our customers fall into two categories: clients and guests. Our clients are Keystone homeowners whose properties we manage, and our guests are anyone who books a stay with us at one of the properties we manage. WHY WORK HERE? We treat employees like the valuable human beings they are. Seriously. We really do. Some companies treat employees as assets to help meet a bottom line. We see employees as unique individuals who desire success and fulfillment. Come work for us and you’ll have the opportunity to grow and advance within our company while being treated fairly and paid a competitive wage. What else could you ask for? HOW TO APPLY -Email a completed application to employment@scmountainretreats.com. -Print out an application, then fill it out and bring it to our office. -Stop by our office to request an application and fill it out. -Set up an interview by calling 970-368-4800, ext. 1. Summit County Mountain Retreats 22869 US Hwy 6, Suite 204 Keystone, CO 80435
  As a small company in the vacation rental business we’re always in need of quality employees. Managing vacation rentals in a resort town means we must abide by the demands of our customers, namely vacation-goers. And when the high season hits, we carry the largest number of employees. When the low seasons come around, we shrink down to a core set of employees that have stepped up and proven their value during the high season. Working in a resort town has its benefits, for example not everyone prefers to work nine to five year-round. Perhaps you’re looking to work only half the year so you can spend the rest of the year traveling, going to school or writing that novel. Or maybe you love the great outdoors. Spend part of the year hard at work and the rest of it hiking and camping your way through mountain ranges.   Intrigued? Well, as it turns out, we are hiring. Below is a list of positions we’re hiring for as of February 2016. For an updated list, visit our website and look for Now Hiring graphic next to the list of positions.
  • Vacation Planner: You’re a Reservation Specialist and speak with guests and clients every day. You help guests find the right property and assist them before, during and after their stays. You input reservations, answer phones, answer emails, make keys and complete other office-related tasks.
  • Housekeeping: You help get properties ready for guests by cleaning, stocking supplies and making up beds. This is a detailed job and very fast-paced, and you need to access to reliable transportation so you can drive from property to property.
  • Laundry Technician: You operate machinery that washes and dries linens, and then you fold those same linens. We manage around 115 properties, so a lot of bed linens and towels come through our laundry facility. This job requires great organizational skills and the ability to work at maximum efficiency.

Special Discount for Wedding Parties

Erin L. Taylor Photography
Erin L. Taylor Photography
Destination weddings make for fantastic memories and stunning photos. Weddings in Keystone are no exception. All four seasons offer their own unique backdrop, and the beautiful mountainscape is always present. If you’re considering Keystone for your nuptials, you may have found that some property management companies offer wedding packages. These packages range from full, all-inclusive wedding services to simply a hall for the wedding day with lodging for the wedding party. What’s not missing from these wedding packages is a high markup on the cost of these specialized services. Even if there’s a discount on the front-end, there are usually fees on the back-end. And when you do the math on the total cost you find out you paid a premium for bundling. What SCMR Offers On your special day we’re happy to assist by offering a 10% discount on the nightly rate for lodging for you and your wedding party. No, we won’t be handling the entire wedding, nor can we offer a hall for the exchange of vows. But we also won’t be charging any extra fees for taking care of these things. Instead you simply get a discount! How it Works
  • Contact us by phone or email to let us know the date of your wedding and the names of the bride and groom.
  • We’ll create a promotional code specific to your wedding and then email you a flyer with all the details.
  • Simply send the flyer to your guests before they make their reservations.
  • Reserve your stay online at our website and enter the promo code during booking or, if you prefer, speak with one of our friendly Vacation Planners by phone and tell them the promo code.
Celebrate! Now you can rest easy knowing you and your guests have your lodging squared away for your beautiful Keystone wedding. And that may be reason enough to start some of your celebrations a little early. We look forward to hosting you on your special day, or maybe we’ll be hosting a friend or family member. Please share this information with anyone who might be interested. And remember to visit our website for the lowest rates year-round. As a matter of fact, if you find a comparable property for a lower nightly rate and can provide us with clear evidence, we’ll beat the price by 10%. To read the fine print associated with the SCMR Wedding Promotional Code, please read the entire article here

They Keystone Top 5: Hot Tubs

People come to Keystone for the nation’s best skiing, but a good soak in a hot tub is not far behind on their list of reasons for choosing a mountain vacation. There’s really nothing better than soaking in a hot tub after a long day of winter adventures with snowflakes falling all around. SCMR has put in the hard work of figuring out what the best five hot tubs are in Keystone. It was a tough job, but someone had to do it. To find out which hot tubs made the list, click here. The Springs

Review from Frequent Keystone Visitor

You might have heard of a site called Traveling Mom. It’s the place to be for everything related to travel and family. The site was started to meet the needs of moms, and to help make their travel experiences more enjoyable. Chris Bird is a writer for Traveling Mom, and is from the Denver area. She recently spent a weekend in Keystone and wrote up an article to share all the insider info with her readers. Check out her article here, and then head over to our website to start planning your Keystone getaway.
hot tub at night-6
The Timbers Amenities
  Property featured in article: Timbers #3075

SCMR vs. Competitor: Lodging + Golf

Summit County Mountain Retreats believes that visiting Keystone doesn’t have to break the bank. We find that people often book with one of our larger competitors because they’re not aware of their other choices, or the fine print. One of our competitors recently advertised a sale on their lodging when you bundle your golf, as well as 9 holes of free golf on the day of your arrival. They also threw in a free scenic gondola ride for kids, a guided hike and a fitness/yoga class. We decided to put together a quick comparison of what it would cost to stay with us versus our competitor. Their ad was unclear as to how many people in the party could take advantage of the free activities, and their website says guided hikes only go through September 7th. So we eliminated the guided hike, and assumed one adult in the party would take advantage of the free golf and fitness class. Since the golf package the guest ends up choosing as part of their bundle would be the same on both sides, we left that off. Notes: The advertised “free 9 holes of golf” is only available after 4 p.m. on the day of your arrival. Additionally, if you don’t use the free 9 holes of golf because you’re tired from traveling or you’re not interested in the fitness class, these free activities don’t add value to your trip.

Booked: September 16 Reserved: September 25-28 for 2 Adults & 2 Kids Property: 2-bedroom located in The Springs







GOLF: 1 Adult, 9 Holes on Day of Arrival



CLUB RENTAL: 1 Adult, 9 Holes on Day of Arrival












GUIDED HIKE (per website unavailable after 9/7)


$948.84 TOTAL


Now that you know the real cost of staying in Keystone for a weekend of golf, visit our website and check out some of our lodging. Our interactive maps are great for deciding exactly where you want to stay in location to specific destinations like River Run Village, Keystone Lake and the lifts. Don’t forget, during the low season the Keystone Shuttle has an on-call service and will drop off at either one of the golf courses. Just call 970-496-4200 at least a half hour before your desired pick-up time. The Summit Stage also provides service across Summit County. Visit their website for more information on their non-winter schedule. Happy Golfing!
(to schedule your tee time call 1-800-464-3494)
(to schedule your tee time call 1-800-464-3494)

Keystone Transportation: What Are Your Options?

Keystone is a fantastic vacation destination year-round, but like most vacation spots getting around while you’re here is of utmost importance. 22312_991990584147566_6393024005759035349_nYour options for transportation vary depending on the season, and should be a part of your vacation planning. And, don’t forget, Summit Express offers our guests discounts on their services. Just refer to the email you receive after booking or contact one of our Vacation Planners for more information. If you’re traveling to Keystone during the Spring or Fall so you can take advantage of those off season lodging rates, you’ll have to take into consideration that shuttle transportation to and from the airport will be limited and at times unavailable. Summit Express has a schedule on their website detailing when they offer shared shuttles, and when they offer only private charters. In addition, the Keystone bus does not run on a regular schedule during the fall, spring or summer. Rather, it offers only an on-call service. Call 970-496-4200 at least 30 minutes before you’d like to leave and the bus will pick you up and drop you off at your desired Keystone destination. If you’re traveling to Keystone during the spring, summer or fall, it’s worth looking into the costs of using private charter versus renting a car. Of course, this all depends on where you want to go while in Keystone: Dillon, Breckenridge and other areas are just a short drive away but also mean you’ll need access to a rental car. During the winter you will have the most transportation options at your disposal. Summit Express offers shared shuttles and private charters at great prices, and the Keystone bus runs on a regular schedule as well as offering its on-call service. We think the best scenario for guests of Summit County Mountain Retreats is to take advantage of the shared shuttle services offered by Summit Express and then make use of the Keystone bus. Not only may this save you money, you’ll also avoid driving in hazardous conditions.
  • Schedule your Summit Express Shuttle to drop off at our office
  • Pick up your keycards via our 24/7 No-hassle Check-in
  • Head next door to Mountain View Sports for savings on ski rental equipment
  • Then head over to the Keystone bus stop located on the corner of the office plaza
  • Hop on the bus and get off at your vacation rental
Doesn’t get much easier than that!
Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 12.35.18 PM
image taken from street view on Google Maps, SCMR located in building on right, bus stop shown in bottom left corner

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