FAQs: Guests

A: If you are traveling from out of state, then travel insurance is highly recommended. For only 6.95% of your vacation cost, you are covered for many unforeseeable circumstances. As opposed to other vacation destinations, traveling to the mountains poses extra risks. A few examples include canceled or delayed flights, impassable road conditions, and skiing injuries. Though we truly sympathize with our guests when something unfortunate happens, there are not very many circumstances in which we can provide refunds or reschedule your trip. It is precisely for this reason that you should carefully consider purchasing travel insurance, especially if you’re traveling from out of state. Our company will offer travel insurance to you when you make your reservation and you may choose to accept or decline.

A: Booking a vacation rental is like staying at the house of a friend. In our vacation rentals you will experience significantly more space, privacy, or comforts that feel like home, including a kitchen and a location that is beyond what most hotels can offer. All this at a significantly lower cost than a hotel with comparable features. But these benefits bring different considerations than a hotel. More privacy means that most guests do not want daily housekeeping. We offer a check-out clean and, for an added fee, mid-stay cleans. We also offer a starter supply of some consumables, including coffee, paper towels, toilet paper and more, but these items are not restocked during a stay. A kitchen allows you to make home-cooked meals and guests will likely visit the store to purchase groceries.

Self-sufficiency is key to a happy stay in a vacation rental. We do provide housekeeping and 24/7 maintenance, but these are primarily for properties in between stays. Our staff services vacation rentals across several square miles, unlike a hotel that manages a single building. We have to strike a balance between cost and service, and have found that our current system has struck this balance as most of our guests are satisfied with their stays.

“Why is the cleaning charge extra? Why does it seem high?”

These are common questions and we have some answers. Hotels roll their housekeeping costs into their nightly rates. We choose to simply charge our guests the cost of a check-out clean regardless of the number of nights in their stay so our cleaning fee is broken out. The housekeeping staff for a hotel cleans the same type of room with limited furnishings in a single building. Dirty linens are returned to a location within the same building. Our housekeeping staff cleans homes, some with several bedrooms and bathrooms, across several square miles that are full of furnishings and extra items. Dirty linens must be returned to a centralized location within Summit County. A standard hotel room can be cleaned in fifteen minutes. A standard 2-bedroom vacation rental can take up to three hours to clean. To keep costs down and to increase efficiency, we ask guests to help our staff by loading and running the dishwasher and emptying the trash. This allows our cleaning staff to move through properties efficiently and helps to keep costs down.

Our hope is that our guests understand the difference between booking a hotel and a vacation rental. Together we can provide affordable vacation rentals and happy stays for everyone!

A: If you find a comparable property listed with one of our competitors with a lower nightly rate for the same dates, then we will beat that nightly rate by 10%. The competitor rate must be an actual rate quote and presented to us before your reservation is made. General advertisements from a website will not be accepted. The 10% discount will be applied to the nightly rate only.
A: We have the capacity to accommodate over 400 guests at one time. Many of our properties are in the same building and in some instances right next door to each other. Please call us to discuss your large group needs.

A: We do not coordinate weddings, but if you are looking to save a lot of money on the exact same lodging that our competitors bundle in their “wedding packages”, then compare the price of a competitor’s wedding package to the total price of booking everything a la carte. When you do the math, you’ll find out you’re paying a premium just to purchase everything together in a package.

We do offer a 10% discount to brides, grooms and their wedding guests. Simply send us an email with the bride and groom’s full names and the date of the wedding and we’ll set up a promotion code that you can share with your guests. Just enter in the code while booking directly on our website to get the discount. There are few restrictions (if you’re getting married Christmas Day we can’t offer a discount) and those will be shared with you after you’ve contacted us.

A: You will enjoy the convenience of our 24-hour check-in system. After booking your stay with us you will receive correspondence detailing our no-hassle process for obtaining keycards. To check out of a property, just leave your keycards on the counter, make sure all doors and windows are secure and start the dishwasher. If you are coming to Keystone to stand in check-in lines, then you should rent from our competitors. If you want to get on with your vacation, then rent from us.
A: Check-in is at 4 p.m. and check-out is at 10 a.m.
A: Early check-ins and late check-outs are available if there is not a guest checking in or out of the property you have reserved. This service can be requested no more than 24 hours in advance.

If we can accommodate your request, our manager will contact housekeeping to put your cleaning either at the end or beginning of the cleanings for the day. Due to the complications this causes with our housekeeping schedule, we do charge a fee, but rather than charging you for an entire extra day we only ask that you pay for the extra time that you need. To check in at 1 p.m. the fee is $20, and at 10 a.m. the fee is $35. To check out at 2 p.m. the fee is $20, and at 6 p.m. the fee is $35.
A: We do not take security deposits. When you reserve your stay, you pay a down payment that equals 50% of your total amount due. You will acknowledge that you accepted our rental agreement and provide us with a credit card number. No less than 30 days before your arrival, we will collect the other half of the booking total. Your credit card information is kept on file until you check out of the property and it has been cleaned. This process is quick and easy.
A: We believe in maintaining the integrity of the properties we manage. Please be aware that we hold guests accountable for unreasonable wear and tear or damage to the property. We do not take security deposits. When you make your reservation, your credit card information is kept on file until you check out of the property and it has been cleaned. If there’s any damage to the property, you will be contacted and your credit card will be charged to cover the cost. Remember you are the guest at someone’s second home. All we expect is the same courtesy and respect you would show a friend if you were staying overnight.
A: The cleaning fees start at $48 and go up from there depending on the size of a property. Every property we manage is professionally cleaned after every stay, and each property is stocked with linens and an initial supply of toiletries and kitchen items that include toilet paper, shampoo, conditioner, dish soap and paper towels. Please review the amenities of the property you reserve for a more complete list.
A: Our goal is to be up front and straightforward with our pricing. Many of our competitors build the costs of having properties professionally cleaned into the price of their nightly rates. Here’s the problem: The cost of cleaning a property is the same whether a guest stays two nights or ten nights. So you either pay for the service once, like you do with us, or you pay for the same service each night of your stay. The savings really start to add up the longer you stay with us.
A: The cost of your reservation includes stocked accommodations and a full-service professional cleaning after your stay. You may see that some of our competitors include daily cleanings as part of a guest’s stay. Often this “daily cleaning” is little more than a knock at the door offering fresh towels. It is your choice to decide how much that is worth to you.

If your stay is four days or longer, upon request we will refresh your towels at no additional charge. Towel Refresh services take place between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. daily.

If you wish to have additional cleanings, we offer Light Cleans and Mid-stay Cleans. We will be happy to arrange this at an additional cost and with at least 24 hours notice. (This service may not be available during the high season.)
A: Our refund policy:

For cancellations more than 120 days from the time of check-in there is no penalty. You will be refunded the total booking amount.
Cancellations more than 90 to 120 days from the time of check-in: 10% of the total booking is retained.
Cancellations 45 to 90 days from the time of check-in: 25% of the total booking is retained.
Cancellations 30 to 45 days from the time of check-in: 50% of the total booking amount is retained.
Cancellations 30 days from the time of check-in: Only the cleaning fee is fully refundable. All other charges and fees are non-refundable unless the property can be rebooked. If a rebooking occurs then a refund will be provided based on the new booking amount. Rebooking fees apply.

We realize that sometimes unforeseen circumstances arise. If you contact us and describe your extenuating circumstances (e.g., lost job, illness, injury) we will attempt to re-rent the property to another person. If we are able to re-rent the property then we will refund that amount to you minus a 30% administrative fee.

We offer travel insurance through CSA Travel. This optional coverage cost 6.95% of your total reservation and we strongly recommend purchasing this coverage to help protect against unforeseen circumstances.
A: For non-emergency repairs and maintenance we provide service 7 days a week from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Major holidays are excluded. Emergencies are handled 24/7/365. To request maintenance services use the Contact Us form in the Guest Information Portal or call us directly at 970-368-4800.
A: All of the properties we manage have wireless Internet. These services are provided at no extra charge and as a courtesy to you. We are unable to guarantee 100% uptime of Internet service.

Most of the properties we manage do not have a telephone. We have found that virtually every rental guest has a cell phone and land lines are rarely used.
A: All of the properties we manage have cable TV. In most cases there will be approximately 60 channels plus free HBO. The majority of our properties have large flat screen TVs as well. Please check the advertised information for the property you want to reserve for details regarding the type and number of televisions.
A: The properties we manage are not all owned by the same person. We work with many different property owners, and each owner has different motivations when it comes to renting out their second home. Some owners want to maximize rentals, while others want to keep their property available more often for their own personal use. Additionally, we are not providing a standardized product like hotels do. Some properties have ski slope views while others have scenic views that include a highway. Some properties have been upgraded with high-end furnishings while others provide quality basics. Penthouse properties offer vaulted ceilings while a ground floor property provides the traditional ceiling height.

We also price our properties based on market demand. If a property has a small gap between two reservations, we may drop the price so as to fill that gap. We don’t try to set the market. We believe it is our job to understand the market and price accordingly.
A: Call us and we will assist you 24/7 in regaining access to your accommodations.

In the event you need emergency assistance due to your negligence (late night forgetfulness due to consumption of adult beverages) we may assess a trip charge. We don’t like getting out of bed at 2 a.m. to help someone figure out how to use their keycard.
A: You are renting directly from the private owner of the property. Our company is the representative of the owner. We owe a fiduciary duty to our clients.
A: If there is a disturbance during your stay, you should call 970-496-4000 to be connected to Keystone Security.
A: No. Please be aware that smoking of any kind may result in the immediate termination of your stay without refund. If there is any evidence of smoking inside a unit or outside on an attached balcony, patio or deck, you may incur a $600 fine.
A: In most cases, pets are not allowed at any of our properties. Please be aware that bringing pets may result in the immediate termination of your stay without refund and a $300 fine per a Keystone HOA policy. Please do not be angry with us. We think it is silly that moose, bears, elk, foxes, and people are allowed in Keystone, but not dogs.
A: We are happy to provide you with recommendations, and in some cases discounts on local attractions and services. We offer discounts on ski rentals, grocery delivery, transportation and restaurants. Please visit our website and navigate to the Discounts section for more information, or call us for personalized help. Don’t forget, Mountain View Sports is right next door to the building where our office is located and offers all our guests a 25% discount on rentals.
A: Discounts on lift tickets are all the same as long you do not buy at the ticket window. Buy online at least two weeks in advance or at the grocery store kiosk. We don’t sell lift tickets because we can’t offer them at any more of discount than you can get on your own.

Visit the Lift Ticket section of our website for more information on how you can get the best prices.