Biking Trails in Breckenridge

Easiest and Most Challenging Biking Trails in Breckenridge

Summer is in full swing throughout Summit County. Mountain biking in Breckenridge is a great way to have some fun on your vacation, get a serious workout, or leisurely enjoy the spectacular scenery. Whether you want to push yourself to your limits or take an easy ride through the heights of the Rocky Mountains, there are many biking trails to suit all skill and fitness levels. Always beware of the altitude, however. It simply takes time to adjust to the altitude, so always take the proper precautions when enjoying outdoor activities.

Mountain Biking in Breckenridge

Mountain biking on the trails of Breckenridge is always an enjoyable family activity and a great way to spend an afternoon. The easiest trails in Breckenridge will give you a leisurely ride, whereas the most challenging trails will please seasoned bikers, or those looking for a great workout. Below, we’ll tell you about the best trails on which to mountain bike in Breckenridge.

3 Easy Mountain Biking Trails in Breckenridge

1. River Trail begins about 1 ½ miles north of downtown Breckenridge. This biking trail starts near a bridge crossing on the Blue River. To access the other side of the Blue River, turn on Coyne Valley Road and return towards the town. On this leisurely trail, you will encounter others enjoying the outdoors fly fishing, hiking, and biking.

2.The Lower Flume Trail is a great out and back, beginning on French Creek Road. It is initially a steep ride from the road grade to the flume but soon flattens to singletrack. The trail will intersect with Highlands Drive, continuing downhill, then return to the trail from Highlands Drive.This trail is beautiful and enjoyable for bikers of all levels.

3. The B&B Trail begins at the B&B Mines Trailhead on French Creek Road. From the trailhead, you’ll ride up the road for a little over a mile to the B&B Trail. It is a fairly easy ride since it is slightly downhill the entire way with lots of double track and wide singletrack. This trail is another enjoyable ride for everybody.

3 Challenging Mountain Biking Trails in Breckenridge

1. Wheeler Trail. To get to the trail, start on a track named Burro, continue until you get to Spruce Creek Road which will bring you to the beginning of Wheeler Trail. With the elevation change and the potential for the weather to change within minutes, this trail isn’t for those who want to take a quick and easy bike ride. Wheeler Trail is a steep, old hiking trail, which makes even the descent challenging.

2. The Colorado Trail offers another challenge for serious bikers. From the Tiger Dredge Trailhead on Tiger Road, you’ll be able to warm up for a few miles on the road before it gets difficult. When you see the left side of the Middle Fork of Swan dirt road, you’ll find some of the most incredible singletracks in the mountains. Once you cross North Fork Road, you’ll meet the most challenging part of the bike ride. The ride back to your car will be met with major speed and serious curves.!

3. The B-Line Trail. is all about jumps and turns. There’s a great chance you will catch some air when you take on this trail. It is a challenge for even the most seasoned riders. You’ll start at the top of Moonstone Trail and end at Carter Park, and you’ll be ready for some R&R at your Summit County Mountain Retreats vacation rental once you complete this ride.

Summit County Mountain Retreats

Summit County Mountain Retreats has beautiful rentals for your entire group. Whether it’s a vacation for you and yours, your family, or friends, we have all your needs covered. After your afternoon spent mountain biking the trails of Breckenridge, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the view from Breckenridge, utilize a Jacuzzi, or cook some dinner in your kitchen after burning all of those calories. Book your luxury vacation rental in Breckenridge now.

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