SCMR Cares

SCMR Cares is a program created by the owners of SCMR to give back to our valued employees that are the lifeblood of our business. We intend to provide real and tangible assistance to our staff, to enable them to procure routine medical services and some major medical services at little to no cost.

The ethical and moral foundation for SCMR Cares is rooted in Christianity. There is no legal requirement to provide health assistance to employees of small companies like SCMR. However, as Catholic Christians, the owners of SCMR want to do more than what is legally required or socially expected. We look beyond the requirements and ask ourselves a few simple questions:

  1. How would we like to be treated by our employer? (This question is rooted in the Golden Rule.)
  2. Can we help our employees without endangering the stability of the business, which supports dozens of families? (This question is rooted in our duty to family and justice.)
  3. Can we create a program that provides real benefits to our employees? (This question is rooted in sound business logic.)
  4. Most importantly, how can we honor our Lord, who is the source of all good in our lives? (This question is rooted in the two greatest commandments of Jesus: Love God & love others as we love ourselves.)

We believe that all good things in this world ultimately come from God. We are the recipients of His blessings and are instructed to follow His example of giving. Since He gave to us, we are to emulate his ways and give to others. This is the most fundamental source of SCMR Cares. Regardless of the faith background of our employees, one thing is certain: it is because of the Christian God that this gift is given. We hope that all will come to know that He has much bigger gifts waiting if He is followed.

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SCMR Cares is a program designed to help SCMR employees in need of assistance to defray some of the costs of routine and emergency healthcare. This program is a gift and not an entitlement, nor is it part of a guaranteed compensation package. Unless stated otherwise, this program is only for eligible SCMR employees and does not extend to family members.

How it Works

SCMR will set aside up to $1000 per month in SCMR funds. This amount will accrue over time. Eligible employees may submit a variety of receipts for healthcare expenses. SCMR will reimburse the employees out of the funds that are set aside. If the SCMR Cares account is depleted when a reimbursable receipt is submitted, then the employee will be reimbursed once the account is replenished. All receipts will be paid in the order they were received.

How to submit a receipt:

    1. Provide eligible receipt with a description of the service received to General Manager. Make sure the receipt has your name on it.
    2. The reimbursable amount will be added to your next paycheck as a “non-taxable reimbursement.”If you want to verify that there is enough money in the account to cover your expense, then you should ask the General Manager before you incur the related health care expense.

If you want to verify that there is enough money in the account to cover your expense, then you should ask the General Manager before you incur the related health care expense.

If an employee has medical insurance, SCMR Cares will reimburse the employee for eligible services and medications not paid for by insurance and/or copays.


  • Full-time SCMR employee
  • Must have been employed with SCMR for at least 6 months


  • Reimburse up to $100 for standard doctor’s office visits. Limit 2 visits per calendar month and 6 visits per calendar year.
  • Reimburse up to $50 per prescription. Limit 2 prescriptions per calendar month and 6 prescriptions per calendar year.
  • Reimburse up to $10 per over the counter medicine. Limit 2 items per calendar month and 10 items per calendar year.
  • Reimburse up to $1000 for major medical and major dental. Limit 2 incidents per calendar year.


Procedures or medications that do not conform with the standards of the National Catholic Bioethics Center will not be covered. This may include, but is not limited to, contraception, abortifacients, abortions, tubal ligation, and vasectomy. Additionally, narcotic medications will not be reimbursed.