Bronze Management (Home Care)

This program is designed for homeowners with properties in and around Keystone who are eager for peace of mind while they’re away from their second home.

If your vacation rental Keystone CO home is sitting empty for extended periods of time, and you’re not able to regularly check in, this program will exceed your expectations. We designed our Home Care Program from the ground up, to be flexible and offer optional services typically found only in the most exclusive resorts. It is no longer necessary in Keystone to choose either high service condominiums with limited privacy and autonomy or maximum privacy single family homes with no services and high frustration.

The features of this program include a home wellness check every two weeks, a pre-winter freeze check, minor maintenance repairs, receive packages and deliveries, coordinate maintenance and repairs, classic linen packages and much more.

All the details and fine print about our Bronze Management program can be found in this single document. If you’re interested in signing up, contact us and we’ll answer any questions you may have and send you a link to the online form needed to get started.