Platinum Management


The Platinum Management program is chosen by the vast majority of our clients. It is designed to offer a complete suite of services for homeowners who want turnkey management services with the specific intention of maximizing profits. Once your vacation rental Keystone CO property is integrated into our system all management, marketing and maintenance is handled by our staff. The marketing and maintenance arms of the Platinum program have built-in flexibility, allowing homeowners to choose what works best for their property.

In general, owners who choose this program can expect all the services they would get from one of our competitors that charges twice as much. We provide more for less because our business was designed from the ground up with the benefit of technologies that enable us to be innovative and efficient.


SCMR Platinum Management




The first arm of the Platinum program is management. Our management services include all that you expect from a full-service management company. In fact, our services are more comprehensive than any of our competitors. How can this be? Don’t we get what we pay for?

For better or for worse, overcharging is the norm in a resort area. At SCMR we resist the temptation to overcharge. Our goals are to provide excellent value for the services we offer and make a healthy profit, but we do not need to gouge our clients. An honest comparison of our services will show that dollar for dollar we provide the same or better services at 25% to 65% less than our competitors. Take a look at our handy comparison chart if you want to see for yourself. If you want some real data to compare, we will be happy to provide you historical numbers so that you can make an informed decision. Or you can browse the homeowner section of our website because we lay it all out there for everyone to see.

What does “management” mean to SCMR? In a word: stewardship. If you want to understand the nuts and bolts about how we do things, the homeowner section of our website has all that, but all those things mean nothing without a foundation of stewardship. We don’t just check the boxes and call it a day. We try hard and we care. We believe that operating a business that is transparent to both guests and clients is the best way to prove our stewardship over time. In order to live up to this ideal we simply lay out our fees and services in the clearest manner possible. When asked questions, we give straightforward answers. When problems arise we look for solutions first and then accountability. You are not a number to us. We know our clients and we know their properties. We represent you and our allegiance is to you. The way we see the world is summed up like this: Quality First, Then Clients, Then Guests, Then Success. When we hold to these ideals, we have achieved good stewardship.

We recognize that these words are easy to say and that they mean very little without action. We ask you to take a small leap of faith. Let us prove to you that SCMR is one of those rare companies that really does try to do the right thing, and that when we fail we humbly admit our mistakes, make amends and then improve. It is this model that allowed our fledgling company to make it through the Great Recession and has enabled us to innovate year after year, so that we are better able to serve our clients and guests.



marketing-iconThe second arm of the Platinum program is marketing. The fundamental driving principle we believe is this: we price properties based on what the market is willing to pay. It is our job to understand the rental market, not control it. This means that when it is October and less than 5% of the area is occupied, we will offer amazing deals. Similarly during Christmas and other peak times, our prices may be ten times higher than during the low season. It is all a matter of what the market is willing to pay. Our clients pay us to maximize their revenue. Economic principles dictate that maximum revenue is found when rental rates are properly balanced with demand. In order to maximize revenue we have identified more than two dozen separate pricing periods throughout the year. Each of these pricing periods are managed on a regular basis. This dynamic pricing method is highly labor intensive but it produces the best results.

Additionally, we market each property according to its own merits. We do not use a pooling system that makes life for our company easier. A great deal of time and upfront work is spent on each property to obtain photos, create write-ups and upload all this information to various marketing channels. If you have a property that is just a place to lay your head, then we are probably not the right management company for you. Our properties do not hide behind carefully crafted marketing tactics that give a less than accurate account of a property. There are no categories used to group properties. Instead, every property is unique and guests can choose what works for them. Thus, a marginal property and a spectacular property will perform according to their own nature.

One thing that is clear is that our system is ideal for well maintained and upgraded properties. For more than a decade, clients have come to SCMR from every competitor in the area. We have been able to compare the performance of those properties with other managers. One interesting observation is that the better the property, the more it excels on our program. Here is an example: We manage the #1 penthouse in all of Keystone. When this property was with one of our competitors it returned about $60,000 to the owner in its best year (pre-recession). We have managed this property for many years now. At the depths of the recession, this property returned about $90,000 annually. In recent years, SCMR grossed over $160K for this property. That is over a 180% improvement over the best performance our rivals achieved.

You might say, “that is all fine and good, but what about a typical property?” Fair enough. Typical 2-bedroom properties in River Run gross about $39,000 to $46,000 annually and owners receive about $29,000 to $34,000 of this back. We encourage owners to take a look at their net return from their current manager and compare it with ours. Most owners are very surprised and understandably skeptical. Contact us and we will be happy to prove our claims.

Properties we manage are advertised on highly effective market places like VRBO, Airbnb and Expedia, with specific write-ups, photos and details about the property. You will not see our ads in magazines or billboards. We only use marketing sources that are highly effective and targeted to growing audiences. As our competitors continue to spend millions of dollars on things like billboards and sponsorships, we hold our dollars directly accountable. We track performance and if something is not working then it goes in the recycle bin.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have competitors who rely almost exclusively on one source of marketing, namely their own website. We agree that using one’s own website makes sense, but this strategy only captures one segment of the rental market, namely the segment that does not have an affinity to one of the other major market places. These guests may not be reached by our competitors. We reach the widest cross section of customers possible because we have a presence in all the various areas that guests use to find their vacation accommodations.

The bottom line is that it does not matter how flashy the marketing is–if it does not produce results, then it is worthless.

Marketing Choices

Flexibility is built into the marketing arm of the Platinum Management program, allowing each client to choose the level of marketing that will suit their needs.

Good: Designed for owners who are not looking to maximize rentals. Some owners prefer maximum flexibility over maximum revenue. This program will generate about 65% as many rentals as our “Best” program.

Better: Designed for owners who actively use their Keystone property at least six times per year. This package provides strong marketing to the owner, but maximizing profits are not necessarily the overriding goal of the owner.

Best: The most advanced marketing we offer. Owners who select this package typically want the most dollars put in their pocket per year. They are often willing to be flexible with their plans in order to get the best rentals.



maintenance-iconThe third arm of the Platinum program is maintenance. Our maintenance packages take the guesswork and worry out of maintaining your property. Clients may choose from four levels of service. Choose from à la carte maintenance or from our Good, Better, and Best options. Each of these services has an appeal to different types of clients.

When comparing the maintenance programs offered by various management companies keep in mind they’re not all created equal. Some of our competitors claim to have comprehensive maintenance services, however, many of them share their maintenance staff’s time between multiple resorts or all maintenance comes with an extra charge for it. We staff our maintenance department in order to enable about 60 hours per year of included maintenance work for each property we manage. Furthermore, we are located in the heart of Summit County, with a full-time, 7 days a week maintenance staff that works from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and we are on call 24/7/365. Finally, in order to efficiently run our maintenance department, we use web-based systems which enable us to document repairs and maintenance in real time with photos and videos.

So, how does it work? Starting at $39 per month on the Good option (for a Studio), we will regularly inspect and maintain your property. This means that if we find a minor problem with the property, we will repair the problem at no additional charge to you. No trip charge. No service charge. No worry. No hassle. Generally speaking each of our maintenance programs covers issues that we can address without calling a licensed plumber, electrician, carpenter, or appliance repair person.

The highest level of service we offer comes in the form of the Best maintenance program. It includes all repairs and maintenance that take 1.5 hours or less to complete, up to three times per month. Additionally, we will pay for a professional plumber, carpenter or electrician to effect a complicated repair. This means that the labor charge to repair this item is covered by your monthly fee. If there is a cost for a new part, then you will be charged for the part only, not the labor.

In the event that you need to have something replaced, SCMR will facilitate the replacement of the item(s). We will consult with you and recommend items that we believe to be properly priced and of appropriate quality. SCMR will purchase the item(s) on your behalf and have them installed. Examples of this benefit include upgrading electronics, replacing appliances, replacing flooring, painting, upgrading fixtures, upgrading beds and bedding, adding décor and more. SCMR believes in straightforward pricing. We charge our standard labor rate for all non-included work. Compared to outside contractors, our rates are typically less than half their costs. Clients who sign up for our Better or Best maintenance program will receive an additional 10% to 20% off our standard labor rates.

Why are our labor rates so reasonable? It is simple really. Upgrading your property has broad benefits to you and to our company. We do not consider these services to be major profit centers for our company. Instead we want to encourage owners to continually upgrade their properties so that both owners and our company can enjoy the benefits of higher rental rates and more nights rented.


Key Benefits of our Platinum Management

For Clients For Guests
no-hassle agreement/cancel anytime 24-hour, no-hassle check-in & check-out
customize services to fit your needs exclusive double-sided keycards
streamlined & technologically leveraged business practices small fees for early check-in/late check-out
flexible check-in/out policies 24/7 online reservations
full access control solutions live staff 7 days per week
straightforward fee structure phone, email, text message, and mobile app support
fixed costs for maintenance & marketing services discounts guest can use: equipment rental, airport shuttle & more
properties are individually marketed (no unit pooling) guests can rent a specific property (no unit pooling)
customized marketing on leading vacation rental websites regular maintenance services 7 days a week + 24/7 emergency maintenance
comprehensive maintenance program every property is stocked with a generous supply of linens
full-service/in-house laundry & housekeeping ultra-premium linen program available
efficient monthly direct deposits ivory white bedding program available
easy to read owner’s statement over 95% of properties have private laundry or shared laundry facilities
online real-time owners portal with the ability to view, make & monitor reservations initial supply of high-grade necessities (shampoo, conditioner, bar soap, toilet paper & more)
high-end security with RFID keycards and Cloud based locks wireless internet available in all properties
damage protection program available air mattresses, pack ‘n plays & high chairs available for rent