Silver Management (hybrid-service)

Homeowners who want complete control of their vacation rental Keystone CO property may be interested in our Silver Management. This homeowner is an actively involved manager of their property, overseeing every aspect of the rental process, but sees the value of having keycard, check-in, and linen services.

The homeowner that chooses this hybrid program must be prepared to handle all the various aspects of renting their home. This includes preparations for advertising, reconciling late-night guest issues and coordinating property maintenance.

With this program there are optional à la carte services that can be purchased at a premium. This allows the homeowner to take advantage of the established systems and processes we have in place. A few examples of optional services include maintenance repairs, housekeeping, and staff-managed reservations.

The vast majority of our clients choose our full-service Platinum Management. We feel that clients benefit the most from these services. That being said, we understand that owners have the right to handle their property as they see fit. We are more than happy to pass the reins to an owner and take a step back, allowing the owner to take care of everything except a few key services and any optional services they may choose. We honor your right to manage your own property by offering you services that fill in the gaps for things that you do not want to do.

All the details and fine print about our Silver Management program can be found in this single document. If you’re interested in signing up, contact us and we’ll answer any questions you may have and send you a link to the online form needed to get started.