Keystone Transportation: What Are Your Options?

Keystone is a fantastic vacation destination year-round, but like most vacation spots getting around while you’re here is of utmost importance. 22312_991990584147566_6393024005759035349_nYour options for transportation vary depending on the season, and should be a part of your vacation planning. And, don’t forget, Summit Express offers our guests discounts on their services. Just refer to the email you receive after booking or contact one of our Vacation Planners for more information. If you’re traveling to Keystone during the Spring or Fall so you can take advantage of those off season lodging rates, you’ll have to take into consideration that shuttle transportation to and from the airport will be limited and at times unavailable. Summit Express has a schedule on their website detailing when they offer shared shuttles, and when they offer only private charters. In addition, the Keystone bus does not run on a regular schedule during the fall, spring or summer. Rather, it offers only an on-call service. Call 970-496-4200 at least 30 minutes before you’d like to leave and the bus will pick you up and drop you off at your desired Keystone destination. If you’re traveling to Keystone during the spring, summer or fall, it’s worth looking into the costs of using private charter versus renting a car. Of course, this all depends on where you want to go while in Keystone: Dillon, Breckenridge and other areas are just a short drive away but also mean you’ll need access to a rental car. During the winter you will have the most transportation options at your disposal. Summit Express offers shared shuttles and private charters at great prices, and the Keystone bus runs on a regular schedule as well as offering its on-call service. We think the best scenario for guests of Summit County Mountain Retreats is to take advantage of the shared shuttle services offered by Summit Express and then make use of the Keystone bus. Not only may this save you money, you’ll also avoid driving in hazardous conditions.
  • Schedule your Summit Express Shuttle to drop off at our office
  • Pick up your keycards via our 24/7 No-hassle Check-in
  • Head next door to Mountain View Sports for savings on ski rental equipment
  • Then head over to the Keystone bus stop located on the corner of the office plaza
  • Hop on the bus and get off at your vacation rental
Doesn’t get much easier than that!
Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 12.35.18 PM
image taken from street view on Google Maps, SCMR located in building on right, bus stop shown in bottom left corner