Near Keystone

Near Keystone are many other towns and resorts, each with their own unique character. When deciding where to stay it’s important to consider what area will meet your needs. Are you looking for great skiing or access to a large body of water? An old fashioned main street or a house set off by itself? For those looking for a change of pace from Keystone, we have a couple options.

The town of Dillon is just fives miles from Keystone and one of its premier features is Lake Dillon. It offers 25 miles of shoreline nestled within the Rocky Mountains. The deep water marina offers guests a unique attraction with lakeside dining at almost two miles above sea level, or take part in world-class sailing, fishing, kayaking and paddleboarding. Leave the lake and head to the town of Dillon for shopping, dining and various other attractions including a bowling alley and a movie theatre.

We also manage a property in Blue River, which is just down the road from Breckenridge. Breckenridge is home to great skiing and people travel from all over to visit its historic Main Street. It offers an eclectic mix of dining, shopping and nightlife, not to mention a wide array of outdoor adventures.

(The Breckenridge photo below is provided by Ray Pilla via Flickr; some rights reserved)