MTTS 2018

Photo credit: MTTS Facebook page

Guess what is coming through Keystone the weekend of July 20th? A fleet of MINIs!

The biennial MINI Takes The States (MTTS) converges in Keystone this year. So, what is MTTS? It’s a loyalty event where owners and future owners of MINIs drive across the country having fun and building memories. This year, two routes are being offered, an East and a West, with both meeting in Keystone for a fun weekend activities, drives and unique experiences await the whole group.

Interested in joining MTTS? Check out their dedicated website here, complete with a thorough FAQ page. Or you can follow the event through their various social media outlets.

We’re excited to see the group come through in their MINIs! And, for anyone looking for sleeping accommodations, we invite you to check out our vacation rentals for the weekend of July 20th. Nightly rates start at $79/night.


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